Thursday, 7 October 2010

Quality time

Today being my day off with Pinky we've played and played and played!  The play barn didn't know what had hit it.  I was so tired that as soon as Daddy walked in the door I went off for some "me" time and finished a layout that had been waiting for finishing touches for a long while. 

This is one of my favourite pics and I am loving using the scraps off punched shapes as embellishments like the piece of black and white spotted waste here.  I also seem to be unable to stop doodling on layouts.  At first it was difficult to doodle and actually like the end result but now I can't seem to stop...

Off to card-making class now.  Thursday is soooooo my fun day :-)

Got some more layouts to post but will have to wait until tomorrow as I'm already late - again ;-) 

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