Monday, 25 June 2012

Only the cutest bridesmaid ever :)

Can't believe this was actually a year ago now but I'm happy to say we still get a lot of that cheeky grin.  Admittedly we also get quite a lot of tantrums and "you never let me do anyyyyyyyyyyyyyything"s (cue big teenage style strop) but it's nice to know there's a happy little smiler in there somewhere just finding her way in the big bad world.

Happy 1 year anniversary little sis!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pink and blue - eh??

Normally this would never happen.  I would not dream of teaming pale pink with dark blue but somehow here it is.  One of those happy scrapping accidents and I rather love it.

Yet more stitching!!

Too cool for school

This is a gem of a photo.  A classic shot of Snoop (lil bro) looking very chilled at lil sis's wedding.  Top photo taken by a very classy lady photographer and fabulous all round girlfriend Miss Sooz.

Hardly added anything to it and it's still a favourite.  Not my usual style as there's just not enough stuff on the page and nothing pink at that but I'm trying to get outside my box.

Still loving my Basic Grey papers and 7Gypsies stickers!

Little Chef

More catching up.  This was taken a couple of years ago now but only just scrapped using a sketch by Wendy McKee from June's issue of Scrap365.  I am so loving the sewing thing that everything gets stitched at the moment.  I am also loving the Martha Stewart butterflies punch.  I've broken 2 of the same type now and just ordered my 3rd.  Note to self - do not try and force thick card through it *slaps wrist*.

"Happy New Year"

Probably about time I got this baby up to date(ish) so here goes with some of my latest layouts...

Herself at just hours old.  Waited ages to scrap this picture as I didn't really like it but it's grown on me.  Almost getting the hang of the sewing machine as well.  Clearly stitching will be something that ends up on every page!

Messy stapling but I kind of like it :)